Latino Cuisine Culinary Academy

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The Bay Area, long known for its diversity in fine dining, is the nation’s number one food service market. To help bridge the inequity of restaurant jobs among immigrants, the Latino Cuisine Culinary Academy (LCCA) program provides knowledge- and skills-based training in traditional and contemporary world cuisines, with an emphasis on Californian and Latin American cooking. Developed as an alternative to the status quo, the LCCA is designed to serve and train a diverse, multicultural population and provide a gateway for students to achieve higher-level positions in the restaurant industry.


firefoxClasses are conducted by experienced food service professionals, and emphasize hands-on training combined with theory in order to reach students with various learning styles. All cooking courses include, if necessary, English as a Second Language. Students can enroll in one of two specially designed programs: Cooking and Professional Baking. Upon completion of the program, students receive a culinary training certificate. In order to receive the certificate, a 60-hour externship with a food-related business is required. This experience is an essential component of the program, and provides students with the practical training needed to successfully compete for jobs in the food service industry.

Latino Cuisine Culinary Academy

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